Saturday, May 25, 2013


I began working on Simplicity 1650 a few Saturday's ago (a week before Mother's Day).

I decided that I would use a royal blue jersey that I had on hand (YAY stash busting!).

Mother's Day came, and my dress sat cut and neglected on my cutting table. And then life happened, and I was busy, so the dress began coming together at an especially slow pace.

I was a bit frustrated because I knew that this dress wasn't difficult, and really, using this jersey, I could probably knock it out in a few dedicated hours. But life...

At the last minute, I decided that I really didn't want a full dress, instead, wanted separates that I could make and either wear like a  dress, or wear on their own.

And let me tell you how happy I am with the results!

As a top:
I don't know how these images turned into an animated GIF, but I likey!

As a skirt: 
The top shown here is a dress. I wouldn't wear these two together, but I had my husband ready with the camera, and wanted to quickly snap a shot.

And then as a dress: 

The photos are from my camera phone, so you can't really see the details, but the skirt has a gold zipper on the back seam.

I didn't do a muslin for these items because I felt pretty confident in the fit. I probably should have because both the skirt and the top were a bit more roomy than I am use to. I think that this is because of two things. 1) I made this in jersey when the pattern called for a woven fabric, and 2) *Fingers Crossed* the working out I've been doing, is... Working! :)

If I were to make any changes to this pattern (which I will because I can see myself making the top portion over, and over, and over, I would elongate the peplum by a couple of inches. Already have it cut in a citron matte satin with no sleeves and the longer peplum to hide the belly bulge. 

In other news I'm in the process of moving, so I've been too busy to sew lately. :( 
It makes me sad, but I will be happy once the hubby and I move into our new apartment. 
AND during packing, I came across several uncompleted garments, that hopefully after the move, I'll get inspired to finish!


  1. Great outfit - love the animation!

  2. Hi Darci - making the dress as separates was a great idea because you get so much more options, as you have shown us. I think the longer peplum will be a great idea - with figure fitting garments all of us have tummy bulges :)

  3. Really nice two piece, it look a lot like my one piece dress and the same color too! Get job because I prefer two pieces too. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments! To answer your question, Yes I changed my stitch dials to reflect the size of flat lock stitch I wanted. It does well in a pinch, but I would like to have the baby lock that does many other things I can't on my serger.