Currently: [April 2013]

current project: Sheer navy button down blouse with multi colored flowers. [STILL!] And, sewing a GORGEOUS pencil skirt with flat felled seam details

current music: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - <3 Thrift Shop

current book: Just finished Prairie Silence by Melanie Hoffert, and now trying to struggle through The Speed of Trust

current shame-inducing guilty pleasure/indulgence: The silence of an absolutely still house. Rain outside, and birds chirping. Guilt is associated with this because I feel like this luxury is only allowed on the weekends. Not during the weekday.

current drink:
Coffee, with butter pecan creamer.

current movie: Django Unchained.

current want: Somewhere to live!!!

current need: Somewhere to live.

current bane(s) of my existence: [Third time's a charm] Somewhere FABULOUS to live.

current disappointment: Not knowing if we'll be moving into that loft. I really want that place.

current excitement(s): Not shopping for an entire year! Making all my clothes, and blogging about it!

current color(s): Royal blue. Purple. Neon green.

current wish list: Look up. Now guess.

current triumph: Embracing hand stitching. Gwendolyn Joyce. Details coming soon. :)

current outfit: Mushroom colored lounge pants. Black thermal long sleeve t-shirt. Barefoot. Glasses. Low ponytail

current scent: Coffee

current inspiration: This book. 

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