Currently: Sewn

Leather Pants. Material purchased from JoAnne's in Bloomington, IN. 1/8 yd remaining. Finished April 16, 2013

Flowered jeggings. Marerial purchased from JoAnnes on Elston. No length remaining. Finished March 9, 2013

Cintron pullover sleeveless t-shirt. Material from a swap with Juliette. No length remaining. Finished March 2, 2013

Emerald green wool pencil skirt with kick pleat. Wool from fabric swap with Juliette. Finished February 10, 2013

Flowered slim cut trousers. Monday January 28th. Material purchased from JoAnne's on Elston January 27th.

Grey mixed material dress - finished January 25th [satin trim decided upon] Grey material purchased from Fabric Warehouse between 2007 - 2011. Print material from Hancock on Broadway summer of 2012.

Gold Peplum [was suppose to be colorful] - finished January 19th, 2013. Who knows where this material came from! No length remaining. 

Brown Plaid skirt - finished January 6, 2013. Fun times with my walking foot. :) Material purchased from Hancock on Broadway in 2012. Under 1 yd. remaining.

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