Tuesday, April 19, 2011

22 days later

Well ya'll. I've made it to day 22, and haven't completely fell off the wagon. I've slipped up, though. I MADE PURCHASES. :( (but secretly :))
I'm disappointed in myself (not really), but SO excited for my loot to come in!
It was the Mr's birthday on Saturday, so I bought him some stuff, and in the process bought myself some stuff too! Who can resist sexy summer strappy sandals? Not I. Especially for $19.99 each! SCORE!

(These shoes would be so hot with my Easter dress, alas, I think Chicago weather won't allow for it.)

I can't decide which pair I love the most.

I also purchased a ton of stuff (5 pair of boots/booties, a belt and a coat for under $200.00) from Torrid.com. What can I say. I can't ignore the call of clearance.

Just finished up several sewing projects that I had been working on. I'm really on a sewing kick right now. Some of my friends *ahem* make fun of me from using paper patterns since I know how to draft my own. But some of them are just SO CUTE. Besides, I take liberties with patterns and make slight changes to make them "my own". ;-)

Finished with this pattern:

I didn't do a muslin, and just relied on my "go to" size that I normally use with patterns, and it came out cute, but I probably should have made it one size smaller (could it be possible that I'm loosing weight? Is weightwatchers.com working? It would probably work better if I skipped the cookies. And wine.). Overall, it's a really cute, and an easy dress to quickly make.

HAHA! I need to get an automatic shutter release!

(Wrinkly dress after all the sitting at church)
((Those monster calves have been the bane of my existence for YEARS!))

Just finished an older pattern that I've had for ages. I've been trying new finishing techniques. Rather than just serging, I'm using all the bias tape that's in my collection (collected by me, my mom, and grandmother! Vintage findings!).
Can't wait to debut the above shirt, a dress made in a beautiful silk Anna Sui silk, and my Easter dress. Hopefully it will be ready in time. Fingers crossed.


  1. Look at all these strappy sandals! So much fun!

  2. I love all of the cute sandals. Girl you have been a shopping fool! lol I never learned to sew so I am so jealous. Thank you for your sweet comments friend! Kiah

  3. wow for that price there nothing to feel guilty about!! Love all the shoes.

    Cant wait to see how the dress turns out

    HAPPY EASTER....I can't promise i wont be hitting the wine bottle after easter dinner! white wine is just so yum!

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