Monday, April 25, 2011

That kind of thing

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it - or Sunday if you don't. Monday's are always terrible, but I hope it was good for you if you're into that kind of thing. :)

Yesterday at church (I'm into that type of thing ;-)) I (along with the young adult network I'm involved with at church) held an Easter Egg hunt for the little kiddies. I was responsible for the event, and along with a couple of wonderful friends, made about 60 (or a million as it seemed) little kids happy that they showed up for church that day. We hid paper eggs all over the sanctuary, and let them run themselves ragged for a good half  hour searching for the paper eggs which they turned in for Easter treats!

I have to tell you, that was my 1st and last time holding that hunt! I love children, but that type of thing, wasn't my thing. Ya dig?

I didn't finish my real Easter dress, but I had finished another dress to wear. Buttericks pattern B5211 Fast and Easy it was! I amped it up with Anna Sui patterned silk, and bronze tiny studs along the neckline.The material felt like a whisper. Overall, I felt pretty in it, although I'm now thinking it's more of a fall type dress, just because the colors are so...autumnal (?). I don't know. What do you think?

My new 19.99 open toe boots from They make me happy.
(Note to self: Take photos in good light, or use the flash. Duh.)

(Love the pockets, and drop shoulders)

Still working on my "Easter" dress, although now it will be my "Tea" dress (Ladies tea next Saturday. I think I'll need to make a fascinator. And buy some gloves. Or make some.)


  1. Did you sew the dress by yourself ? wow not bad, I want to sew a dress too, why dont you show your new boots in a bigger picture ?xoxo Abigael

  2. I am loving your braids! I want to get some box braids next! FAB!

  3. don't you just love dresses with pockets?? :)

  4. You are TRULY talented! I love this dress, and I love a dress with pockets


  5. Wait how did I miss this FABULOUS creation! Girl this dress is the BOMB!! Love the fabric print! Kiah