Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sewing so far.

I'm still way off course with my winter essential challenge. Truth be told, I said screw that challenge! I'm going to let the fabric inspire me! :) And so far this year, I've actually made some pretty great pieces.

Gold lame peplum with exposed back zip; mixed material dress with drop shoulder; emerald green wool pencil skirt with kick pleat; plaid pencil skirt; purple people eater pant.

I love each and every piece. I'm going to admit, I do have a favorite. (You should never say that.) It's the green. I'm biased. It's the color of 2013.  And the fabric is soooo lux. My friend and I had a fabric swap and this was one of my scores. It's a beautiful nubby wool. And the photo doesn't do the color justice. It's such a rich, beautiful, emerald. 
Though I love each piece (un)equally, I notice there is something lacking. Practical, wearable tops. I do realize I have a gold peplum blouse appropriate for a discotheque (love that word - really wish is was used in the US, instead of "club"). But really, is that wearable? In most cases I would say no. But there is a time and place for everything... (I truly believe that you should occasionally wear something inappropriately fabulous on a random Tuesday. I'm talking full blown sequins, or a ball gown.)

I guess my point is, I can't wear that top on a regular day. I need a couple of Monday - Friday tops. Blouses, tunics, tops or something/anything that covers the upper half of my body. 

I have several projects planned, but planned projects don't  always work well for me.   
Maybe I'll finally finish this top which I started and never finished. 

[must remember to iron garments prior to photoing. Also should start using my real camera vs. camera phone, but its soooo easy to upload with my phone] 

It really would look great with several of the skirts that I recently started/finished.

Or maybe I'll work on this top, this top, or this top.
I never can decide.  

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