Friday, February 8, 2013


This is the route my "love my winter wardrobe" project has gone. 
If you want to be literal about the whole thing, I haven't exactly made the garments that I planned on making, but I have been sewing! I do believe I reserved the right to change my mind. :)

I think I mentioned in my last post finishing the gold peplum shirt and a dress. Since then, I've also made a fun pair of slim leg purple flowered pants. That I LOVE. I've worn them twice already. They have added both color, and fun into my drab winter wardrobe. In this picture, they look like someone's grandmother's pants (saggy butt and all), but they actually fit me really well. 

I'm also working on this dress: 

I found a beautiful grey, black and royal blue patterned fabric at the local JoAnne Fabrics, and have paired it with a sheer black (upper bodice, shoulders and godets - not to worry, the entire dress is lined), and solid black piping. 

I've been reading Couture Sewing Techniques which has really made me think twice about the way I construct my garments. I'm usually so impatient and want my pretty new things NOW. I'm trying to shift my mindset to think about constructing quality, lasting garments with techniques that will improve the fit and durability, rather than something cute that will fall apart in just a few wears. I can't wait to finish the dress so I can detail my process on here! I've used hand basting, french seams, french hybrid binding, reinforced seams, the works! 

AND, even though I'm trying to shift my mindset, it's still easy enough to whip up a lined or unlined pencil skirt. and that's what I plan on doing to keep that little thing inside me that screams INSTANT GRATIFICATION, pacified. :)

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