Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Missing Winter Essentials

Although I have a TON of clothing, I never have anything to wear. I'm sure many of you out there  have that very same problem! I've come to believe that the problem isn't that I don't have anything to wear (obviously), it's that I don't have anything that I (currently) love to wear.

A problem stated, is a problem solved! Right? I think so.

To solve my problem, I'm going to spend the next three months creating clothing that I love. That fit me fabulously. That are specifically for cold weather. Come April, I'll begin doing the same for warm weather.

Because I have the tendency to shift my focus (often) when it comes to projects, I've decided to create a plan so that I can stay focused and actually do what I set out to do. BUT, in honoring my creative sporadic ness, I've decided that I can always add fluff projects in the mix (the occasional pencil skirt, or quick dress, tee, etc.) but the remaining projects MUST be done and all before the final deadline. Or I fail.

A floaty chiffon dress. Not necessarily this silhouette, but floaty. And chiffon. I think I already mentioned that. 

A very proper and ladylike dress, with random /asymmetrical leather detail in a similar hue. 
A fun, colorful, peplum top.
A raglan sleeve, mixed material "sweater" 

A hip length slouchy velour blazer with structured shoulders. 

A colorful blazer. (And probably a colorful button up to go under it.) 


January 19th; Peplum top. Pattern - my own.
January 26th; Raglan sleeved mixed material "sweater"
February 16th; Slouchy Velour Blazer. This one? Maybe?
February 23rd;  Pretty dress with asymmetrical leather detail. NOT BLACK (as is my usual go to). Probably this pattern from Burda.
March 9th; Colorful blazer. Pattern - undetermined.
March 30th; Floaty chiffon dress. Probably Vogue 8827.

Also! I reserve the right to make any changes, as long as these get made. :)

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