Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hue's my new best friend.

At one point, I was in the process of making a peplum dress, and accidentally cut the fabric for one panel (I didn't realize during my initial cut that particular panel had a small hole/snag) the wrong direction. All I could see each and every time I looked at this dress was this glaring color variation.

Can you see the color variation in the right skirt panel? I promise it's not just a shadow!

My friend thought I was crazy. I couldn't deal with it. I ended up lopping off the skirt portion of the dress and turning this into a cropped top.
Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

I added the red zipper for a little bit of fun. And didn't iron the back because I suck.

Are you asking yourself what is the point, and why am I even mentioning this?

I stumbled across the coolest challenge today. Actually, I stumbled across another great sewing/craft/style/fashion/diy/amazingness blog Living on pins and needles and she lead me to this FANTASTIC color challenge. The FM100 Hue Test to be exact.

Imaging my surprise and DELIGHT when the first time I took the test and scored a 0!
*Insert confused looking expression here.*
I know it seems like I would want to get a 100, or something closer to what is considered to be PERFECT! But in this case, 0 = PERFECTION!
Hence the uncanny ability to immediately see color variation!
I tried it again later this evening and got a 3. :(
But the worst you can get is a 1520. [*Insert blank stare.*]
Hubby took the same test and got a 103/1520. Not bad at all. But a 0 - 3 is much better. :)

It's because I feel completely vindicated about all the times I argued with friends/family/co-workers/sales associates about matching the color of X and Y. People have looked at me side-eyed when I told them that I could see the differences. BUT I COULD! And now I have proof.

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  1. "O" is amazing! And I 100% agree with you about changing your piece to get rid of the color variation; you would never have been able to NOT see it! Congratulations for having the guts to go ahead and lop it off. Most people are so use to low quality ready-to-wear that they look right past things like that, but honestly, with a "0" on that quiz (says the one with the yucky "19") you are more sensitive than the general public to color variations.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and for the link! Nice place you have here, I'll be back to have a look!