Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Feet

This new year, one thing that I keep thinking about is continuous learning.  While I have a BFA in fashion design, I realize how much it is that I really don't know... Or how much I take for granted that I do know, and because of that little piece of knowledge, I fear trying different things.

Perfect example. At school, I was instructed on how to use an industrial sewing machine. We had a straight stitch foot, and a zipper foot. Those were the only two feet that I used. I was already familiar with home sewing, and my home sewing machine (at that time an old Singer of my mom's) had a straight stitch foot.
Straight Stitch Foot

There were other feet, but I never even thought about using them. I didn't try them, because I figured, what's the point? At school, I can do any and everything I need to do without any fancy feet, why bother?

Well, the reason to bother is because there are so many wonderful feet that can help you do so many wondrous things! I came to this realization when I re-stumbled across an old box of feet that I had been given from my grandmothers, and mother. These amazing, mini torture device looking things had been sitting amongst my sewing items for years, never to be used because I didn't realize what they could do.
This things looks terrifying!
Torture device.

I honestly also didn't realize that I could use them with my modern low shank machine. See, all my feet snapped on to this little gadget, and I never realized that the little gadget was removable. Once I realized that my machine was a true low shank machine, I got busy with my feet!
Don't get me wrong - all of my feet didn't fit, some were for a high shank machine, but the ones that work, I sure tried out. And then I started Googling. And then my beloved local Hancock was going out of business, so I bought some of the feet I had researched. 

My favorite foot so far has been the walking foot
This little contraption events out the differential feed of your sewing machine so you're able to match things up exactly. I was always so frustrated that no matter how perfectly I pinned items my seams were consistently about 1/8" off. With this sucker it just doesn't happen. Happy happy. 

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