Sunday, January 13, 2013

The case of bad planning

The peplum top, which I've recently become re-obsessed with (it was a small obsession over the summer, but have re-lodged it's flouncy image in my head lately) is almost complete. If you recall, this garment is one of my winter essential items. You know - something for my closet that I love. However, my winter essential item was actually a fun colorful peplum top. And somehow it turned into a gold lame peplum top. Is that OK?

I think so. I did reserve the right to change my mind. Right? Right.

YOU: How did fun, colorful turn into gold lame?
ME: Well, after drafting the pattern, I noticed a piece of gold lame laying around that I was 50/50 about not being interested in. 50% of me said that I would NEVER want a gold lame shirt, because that was just TOO much. the other 50% of me was secretly in love with the idea of a gold lame top. And the fit of the top was niiiice. So I lined it, and now I have a new gold lame peplum top.

I'm loving this, with the exception of two things.
1. This isn't exactly colorful. Sure, I'm kinda (currently) obsessed with gold, but I really need the colorful top to work with the rest of my closet and
2. Because of poor planning on my part - this was after-all only suppose to be a muslin, not a working garment, I didn't think out fully how this garment should be closed.

Now I'm wrestling with how I should close this. My first instinct is a black exposed zipper. But I've done that. Not sure if I love that idea since I've done it before. AND, the finished dimension of this is 26.5" L. I'd have to search out a 26.5" zipper. I'm sure I could find it if I looked hard enough, but again, I don't really love the idea of the exposed back zipper.

Maybe a clean finished back? An invisible zip through the bodice? Clean finish the peplum? That might work.
Gotta get a 16" invisible zipper and this one is finished.

In the meantime, I need to search for colorful in my fabric stash (or do I?).
As an aside, this will probably a fail. I'm not really a "colorful" girl. Though I want to be.

Will this work? Kinda colorful? Mostly purple-ish. It could be really pretty for my mixed media raglan sweater though.

OK. Project #1, almost done. On to project #2 until I have notions to finish #1.

(This whole "winter essentials project" may have been a case of bad planning. Wrong fabric, rushed projects. Unfinished patterns, no notions. Using this as a learning lesson.)

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