Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bustin' out my hostage projects!

I am pleased to announce that I have finished two of the projects that have been holding me hostage for some time now.

Yay me!

First item finished was my color punched sheer blouse, that after a burn test  (I check against both charts to feel confident of my choice) revealed it's not the famous twin sisters Poly and Esther but some sort of rayon blend.

I also completed my leather dart skirt. And hopefully this ends my semi-obsession with leather. 


I love how this skirt turned out. The little details make me so happy. 

I ran out of black thread (who DOES that??!!) so I had to get creative - I used a hot pink bobbin thread. I like the end result even though it wasn't what I intended. 

I also learned a new trick from one of you ladies in this challenge. I sandwiched the lining and facing which made me not have to cut down the pattern of the skirt. LOVE this new trick. I plan to use it ALWAYS! (Year long sewing challenge circle STAND UP!)

I will say, working with this leather was trickier than I expected. The leather stretched, and moved much more than I ever expected. Next time I plan on interfacing the hell outta leather. 

Hopefully this ends my leather obsession, even though I'd love to find some ultra thin leather in a line green or neon green. All I could think about that is HOT. (As in sexy, not, you know... sweat.)

Not to fear, this will get a good iron treatment before it gets put on my body. Also, some of the lines that look like pleats or wrinkles are actually imperfections in the leather which I like. It gives the skirt a more rugged, edgy, worn look. 


  1. Loving the hot pink thread. Sometimes "errors - ie running out of black thread - quelle horreur - make for great pieces of inspiration.

    Do you have more information or a link to the hint about sandwiching the lining and facing - sounds like a great tip but not sure how it works.

    1. Thanks BeaJay! I will look for the post I saw about the sandwiching, but there really wasn't much of a tutorial. I just tried it. What I did was to place the right side of the skirt, against the right side of the facing. THEN, I placed the right side of the lining against the wrong side of the facing.
      I then sewed all the pieces together. I don't know if that was helpful, but I think I may make a tutorial on that because I loved how easy it was!

  2. I love both pieces! I need to get my projects that been holding me " hostage" as well, lol...

  3. Your skirt is amazing. What pattern did you use??? The blouse is cute too.

    1. I used a pattern from a Burda issue. I don't recall what issue, and will have to search for it (I'm in the process of moving) but I have a link to the dress version of the skirt:

  4. Love the leather! I have a pile of leather projects in my "to do" pile. Hopefully I can soon get a fabric pattern that fits well enough for me to forge on. Thanks for the motivation.

  5. I LOVE that top. You are so awesome with your finishing!

  6. The is the prettiest blouse I have seen! I LOVE it!