Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I won't be that chick.

The leather pants are finished, and are HOT!
1. HOT, as in super sexy. I felt incredibly chic and modern in my outfit last night. The hubby loved them, I loved them. They fit really well, and I can imagine will be incredibly versatile in the upcoming winter.
2. HOT, as in... hot. First mistake. Don't put faux leather pants on after taking a long hot shower. Don't put faux leather pants on after taking a long hot shower, and are still warm from the heat of it all. Don't put faux leather pants on after taking a long hot shower, are still warm from the heat of it all, and then putting lotion on. Can I say hot and STICKY??!!

I literally had to take the pants off, put BABY POWDER all over my legs, then try again. Second time was a charm in this instance.

This whole experience lets me know I WILL NOT be that chick wearing leather pants in the summer. And that makes me kinda sad. But I WILL be that chick who wears leather pants when it's 50 degrees and cooler! :)

Crappy cell phone pic taken courtesy of the hubby. 

I wanted to wear an outfit more like the one I showed you of the (in)famous Kim Kardashian wearing, but I didn't own a jacket with a similar silhouette.

I guess that means a similarly styled jacket will be on my list of projects for the upcoming year.
This Burda Jacket (yay! I have the issue!) is a good start. Just remove the ruffle, sharpen the shoulder and add some structure...
I'm also going to need to find the "perfect" material for this. 
Currently loving: 
35.00/yd from

Or this (from my home stash, that I've held onto for YEARS, just waiting for the perfect item...
Only time will tell if this actually happens though... 
OK. Now onto my next project. 
Wonder what it will be... 


  1. Again...great job Darci! Also, I love the fabric choices for the jacket. Maybe you could work in a strip of the leather somewhere in the detailing? (Uhhh...don't mind me I'm in "add-on queen" mode....) Anyway, both fabrics are great. I really like the pattern, too--yeah, it's rockin'. Vita

  2. I love both of those fabrics - and those leather pants rock.